There are three parking garages available for tenant use

MT 1 & MT2.3, 315 Parking Garages

  • Access to the parking garage is controlled by the use of an access card. This card controls both garage and building access. To use your card, position it slowly in front of the proximity reader.
  • There will be a short delay [about two (2) seconds] and the gate will open. It is important that you do not wave the card too fast in front of the reader as this may cause the reader to malfunction.
  • It is also important that when entering or exiting, allow the gate to start down from the car in front of you before using your card. This allows the system to reset itself for each car.
  • Visitor parking is $5.00 after hours and on weekends.

Please note that cards are issued for your use only. Utilizing a card for more than one person will result in permanent termination of parking privileges. There may be a charge for replacement of broken or damaged cards. However, there will be a $25 charge for replacement of lost cards.

If an access card is lost or an employee is terminated, immediately notify the Management Office so that use of the card can be terminated to prohibit unauthorized persons from gaining entry to the garage or building.