Mail Service

  • The United States Postal Service delivers and collects mail once per day, Monday through Saturday, except designated holidays:
  • Tower 2 – mail station located at the entrance to the Mandalay Towers 2 & 3 garage
  • Tower 3 -  mail station located at the dock. 
  • Collection times change from time to time, and it may be necessary to check the mailbox for specific information on collection service.
  • Overnight delivery – Fed Ex and DHL service boxes are located in by the mail station in the Las Colinas Towers garage. Each overnight service has varying pick up and delivery times. For the most accurate information, please check the box pertaining to the service your company uses.

If your company requires deliveries after regular business hours or on Saturday or Sunday, please contact the Management Office for information.

Mandalay Towers Security personnel cannot accept packages on behalf of a third party. If the delivery cannot be made, most services will return the next business morning for a second attempt.