• Cleaning is provided on a contract basis. Every attempt is made to provide quality service. In the event that a cleaning task is overlooked, please report it to the Building Management at (972) 556-0078 so that we may promptly correct the problem.
  • Please designate one person in your office to act as your company’s representative to report any cleaning problems or requests. This will allow for problems to be reported and corrected in a more timely manner. Requests for restroom supplies, removal of carpet stains or special cleaning should also be directed to the Building Management at (972) 556-0078.
  • We utilize a method called the “Single Basket System” All deskside waste is collected in clear trash bags. Restroom and office break room trash are collected in black trash bags. Please make every effort to dispose of your trash in the appropriate trash receptacles.
  • Any trash to be removed by cleaning personnel, but not in the usual trash receptacles, should be clearly marked “TRASH”. Cleaning personnel will remove office debris, however, they are not required, nor expected, to remove large packing cases or shipping boxes. Special arrangements must be made with the Building Management for such removal.
  • Coffee grounds must be placed in waste receptacles for disposal and not washed down any plumbing facility. Liquid in cups and cans should not be placed in wastebaskets, but should be disposed of properly.
  • For better cleaning service, we would suggest that desks and table tops be cleared nightly In order that they may be properly dusted and cleaned. Cleaning personnel are instructed not to disturb papers, personal Items, etc. left on desktops.