Building Rules & Regulations


  • Entrances, lobbies, passages, corridors, elevators, stairways and other common areas will not be obstructed or be used for any purpose other than for access, or for going from one part of the building to another part of the building.
  • Tenants shall not permit persons to visit the premises in such number or under such conditions as to interfere with the use of the common areas by other tenants.
  • Any person whose presence at Mandalay Towers might at any time adversely affect the safety, character, reputation or interests of Mandalay Towers or its tenants may be denied access to Mandalay Towers or may be ejected from the premises.
  • Mandalay Towers reserves the right to regulate the use of the common areas by tenants, their agents, employees and guests and by persons making deliveries to tenants (including the right to designate hours for deliveries, entrances and elevators for such use).
  • Written approval must be obtained for any delivery after normal business hours.
  • No showcases or other articles will be placed in the common areas without prior written consent.
  • Canvassing, soliciting and peddling in or upon Mandalay Towers property is prohibited.
  • Mandalay Towers has the right to evacuate the buildings in the event of an emergency or catastrophe.