Bomb Threat

If you should receive a telephone bomb threat, please follow these guidelines:

  • Be courteous. Pretend difficulty in hearing.
  • Take notes using the Bomb Threat Checklist included here.
  • After the caller hangs up, call the Management Office at (972) 556-0078.
  • Most bomb threats are false alarms intended to create a disturbance at a specific location. For this reason, the decision of how to react must be carefully considered by the appropriate officials.
  • Any threats will be evaluated by the police and/or fire department. All tenants will be notified and informed of the recommended course of action.
  • DO NOT TOUCH any suspicious items. Some bombs are set to detonate upon movement.
  • Immediately report any strange or suspicious items to life safety personnel.
  • Do not use radios or cellular phones as the frequency could set off the device.