Key & Locks

Replacement Keys

Replacement keys for your suite doors are available. Please contact the Management Office to order replacement keys.

  • Requirements concerning the keying of all locks within each office space should be submitted prior to your company’s move in date so that the necessary arrangements can be made with the locksmith.
  • All interior locksets must be keyed to the building’s master key system. If security requirements necessitate other arrangements, please contact the Management Office.
  • For your safety, the duplicating of keys and modification of locks is strictly prohibited. If a duplicate key is needed or it is necessary to change a lock, please notify the Building Management at (972) 556-0078.
  • If you should happen to lock yourself out of your suite or office, please call the Building Management. Please do not attempt to pick the lock or open the door by force. For your protection, Security Officers are not allowed to unlock tenant areas to permit entry without consent from an authorized tenant representative or Management.