Systems and Services

  • Mandalay Towers 2 & 3 security encompasses complete monitoring of alarms, access control, closed circuit televisions, and crisis intervention capabilities.
  • Tenant involvement in security and fire prevention throughout Mandalay Towers is crucial in making the system work. Good communication between your office and Security is vital. Never hesitate to call whenever you encounter a life safety or security problem, including suspicious and/or questionable visitors or occurrences.
  • When it is necessary to terminate an employee, be sure to notify us immediately so we can terminate access privileges. Your help is an important part of operating a strong security network for Mandalay Towers.
  • The security personnel at Mandalay Towers 2 & 3  provide all of the above referenced services under the direction of an on-duty supervisor, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Office buildings, parking garages and grounds are also patrolled on a regular basis.