General Rules & Regulations

  • Sidewalks, doorways, vestibules, halls, stairways, and similar areas shall not be obstructed nor shall refuse, furniture, boxes or other items be placed therein by Tenant or its officers, agents, servants, and employees, or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress to and from the leased premises, or for going from one part of the Building to another part of the Building.  Canvassing, soliciting and peddling in the Building are prohibited.
  • Plumbing fixtures and appliances shall be used only for the purposes for which they are constructed, and no unsuitable material shall be placed therein.
  • No signs, directories, posters, advertisements, or notices shall be painted or affixed on or to any of the windows or doors, or in corridors or other parts of the Building, except in such color, size, and style, and in such places, as shall be first approved in writing by Landlord in its discretion.  Building standard suite identification signs will be prepared by Landlord at Tenant's expense.  Landlord shall have the right to remove all unapproved signs without notice to Tenant, at the expense of Tenant.
  • Tenants shall not do, or permit anything to be done in or about the Building, or bring or keep anything therein, that will in any way increase the rate of fire or other insurance on the Building, or on property kept therein or otherwise increase the possibility of fire or other casualty.